After the storm part 2

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After the storm part 2


So here we are getting ready since Thursday for the storm of the century. Tension is high, we sit around wondering if we got enough supplies? When will the storm hit? How bad will it be? How long will it last?

Will be have electric? Will our house survive? So many unanswered questions go through your head in hurricanes.


This is not my first rodeo, I know the drill, I know the damage it can cause. I’ve been in the bathtub with a mattress over my head, listening to the roof rip off my house, wondering if we are going to make it, praying that we will.


I know the aftermath of the clean up, days, weeks and months to get things back to normal. The stress, the money, the work that comes after the storm.


We sit here glued to the television watching the cone of death bounce this way, then that way. Our emotions bouncing with it, oh…it’s bad….oh maybe it won’t hit us directly….oh…it’s moving west….shit it’s moving east again.


Thoughts go back to…do we have enough water? Is everything secure? Are we going to make it?


The waiting game is the worst, you make small talk, your mind drifts, your anxious, your jittery (well that can also be from too many cookies you bought)


You eat just for something to do, you try to sleep, try to watch a movie but your constantly thinking when is it coming, how much longer, so you can’t fully relax.


And then it finally comes, you hear noises, your jumpy, your scared now, the wind is howling, the rain bounding against your windows. Your praying the roof will stay on, hours go by, your in a state of panic as it is getting worst, your wondering how much longer can this go on?


Then there is calm and you think oh god, we are done. You breathe a sigh of relief but if you’ve been through this before, you know that is just the calm in the eye. Don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s all good, that is truly the calm before the storm.


Before you know it your being battered again, worst then before, you run to your safe room, you put the mattress over your head. It now sounds like a freight train and your thinking what the hell is that noise…it’s the wind pounding at your house, ripping down your trees, making any assemblance of what life use to be, gone.


You sit there for hours, scared, listening to mother nature pound you again and again and again.


Your in the dark, your hot and tired, your heart is racing like it has never done before, then… it becomes quiet, erie quiet. You don’t even want to go and see what happened. Your life, your home, your niegbhood has changed forever.


You open your door, you can’t even recognize your street, everything is changed. You walk around in a daze thinking this can’t be, you see your neighbors, it’s like the real life version of the walking dead.


After a while you realize how lucky you were, that you survived through this and even as beat up and broken your house is and you feel, you made it out alive and that is the only thing that matters.


The rest is stuff, stuff that can and will be replaced, yes it will be hard work, to fix, to rebuild, to replaced what you have lost but you are alive to do it, you are a fighter, a surviver, you will get through this, stronger and better.


And now the work starts for so many of us, getting life back to some sense of normalcy .


Until the next time….


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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