Take a chance…

Sometimes you just have to be willing to take a chance. That applies to all areas of your life, if you aren’t willing to put yourself out there how will you know what waits for you around the next corner.

If you are in a job you hate and day after day you go, resenting the fact that you are there but you never look for a new job because you are afraid of change, then you will stuck there with more resentment.

If you have ¬†been hurt in the past and you still carry around the scars of your ex, your not willing to open up your heart to anyone for fear getting hurt again, then how will you know when a great guy comes along that truly loves you? You might miss out on a once in a life time love affair because you cant or won’t take a chance.

Maybe your in a horrible relationship and yet you stay because you think, I cant make it on my own or that no one will want me, yet every day another little piece of you is dying, you are selling your soul for that big house or nice car.

You can see how things could change because of fear, you cant imagine what great things can come if you take leap of faith.

Yes I know its scary, believe me but even if you fail, even if it doesn’t work out , at least you tried and guess what? the next time won’t be as scary.

But maybe just maybe… you try and it completely changes your world , it knocks you off your feet, its the best thing you’ve ever done and you think dam I could have been this happy last year, five years ago, ten years ago yet I stayed because of fear?

Don’t live your life with regrets ,take the chance, it is so worth the risk!

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