Thanks to all my soul sisters

Today I would like to first start out thanking god for all of my blessings! then I would like to thank my soul sisters, for truly I wouldnt know what to do without them.

Yesterday was a really bad day for me, you know the kind first thing in the morning everyone in your house starts fighting with you,  oh great start! and on top of that it was the anniversary of my dads death not a great day to say the least.

I ended up crying almost all day only pulling myself together enough to  go to work,the universe has a way of putting out an SOS and low and behold my soul sisters started calling or texting me and they could tell something was wrong with me.

I got the most wonderful texts telling me to keep going, just full of support and encouragement, it was beautiful, then later on I went out  with Griselle and Agashee and by the end of the night we were all  laughing and I so glad that I went.

When I got home I realized how blessed I truly am,I pulled my head outta my ass, dusted myself off and realized that  I am  grateful for my life, pity party for one  is now over thanks for coming! 

My biggest thanks to all of my soul sisters, this is the message we need to get out there we need each other, our life would not be complete without each other!! pass it forward!!

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