That’s what friends are for…

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That’s what friends are for


I am always writing about  friends on here and how my friendships are so important to me as I was an only child and my friends are the family I chose for myself.


There is an old saying, “you get what you give”… and I guess it must be true because this last year my friends have given so much to me.

They were there to support me through my divorce, they showed up on moving day, my wonderful friend Thomas from church got together a bunch of men from church to help. My dear friend Steven lent me his truck and trailer as he was out of town, all of my soul sisters showed up to help.


When I bought this house again my soul sisters showed up and helped pack and move. My friend Kelly enlisted her husband to help me do so many things, without me paying him and I cried. Adrian from church came to help with shower and sink installs. Dave from my old job came 3 times to help with the wood floors as I didn’t know how to do cuts with the tools. My hometown friend Ebin came to my rescue with molding.

I can’t remember how many times I called my friends Lisa and Steve to recommend me this guy or that one to hire.

My neighbors G and Frank did so much after just meeting me, I was overwhelmed by their kindness and so glad God chose this block for me.


My dear friend Ellis who I’ve known since I was 12, took off a week of work and flew in to help me built a fence, do a 250 Sq ft  paver patio, put up a vented fan and kitchen lights and then wouldn’t take anything for all his help.


Three weeks ago when I thought I was all done in my home and while laying in my bed, I felt rain drops, are you kidding me?? This couldn’t be happening, really?

When I spoke to another dear old friend he said he would fly in and fix it for me…really? Yes, really! He is flying in tonight for the weekend to fix it.


I am speachless ….. how can I repay all of these wonderful people…words can never express my gratitude for all of their kindness.


I say all the time I am blessed with so many dear friends it’s incredible but this goes above and beyond friendships, these people are my family, the ones I chose and that I am blessed for them choosing me.


So today my friends, remember how dear your friends are, tell them, show them, let them know how rich your life is because of them. It doesn’t matter that they are not blood, they are family and that’s what friends are for…

Now everyone sing. …”That’s what friends are for….”


“Be the change you want to see”


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