The big move

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The big move…

So today’s the day..finally after all these months of getting financed, all the paperwork, holding my breath, waiting for an answer, getting approved, the closing and a month of crazy remodeling, today is the big day of finally moving in to my new home.

Of coarse nothing goes as planned when you are doing this and I planned to move in when  everything was completely done….well not so much, it’s almost done, but definitely not completely done that’s for sure.

But ready or not here we come!
I am over tired, there is not a muscle that doesn’t hurt,  I haven’t been to the gym in two weeks yet I am still up at 5 am working on the new house or packing the old. I drop into my bed at 10 or 11 exhausted. I have to give props to service families to have to move every few years, it must really suck! But yet they do it.

My plan was to stay in this house until my little one goes to college then move to the beach. That’s 3 years from now and I am already dreading it.

I will give this home thanks and its final a due today, as this home was my first taste of freedom I had experienced in 24 years. This home has given me wonderful memories over the past year.
I remember moving in with help from all of my friends and church family, I remember my first night here with a million boxes and no furniture sitting on a mattress on the floor eating Chinese food out of the carton with Dalllas.

I remember searching for a whole house full of furniture and painstakingly refinishing it all, all within a budget of 3000.00.
I remember doing a triathlon the first week I moved in, I was thinking if I could do this, I can do anything in life, I got this.
Our first Christmas in 24 years with a huge tree was here, I invited who I wanted an though it wasn’t 30 people like in years past, it was my friends and family and I was truly happy  and grateful.

I fell in love and got my heart broken here, I learn many lessons here about myself, I finished my book here, I had many laughs and great times with my girls here and we grew closer in this home.
I’ve had friends stay with me from all over the country who never wanted to visit before (I wonder why lol)
I had my dreams come true here and I have become a strong, independent women here and taught my girls the same lessons.
Yes, this house will always hold special memories for me as it gave me a place to grow, to realize who I am and have faith in myself. I am incredibly grateful for this last year.

Today will start a new chapter in my life with new memories that will last a lifetime and again I am grateful of all of God’s grace on my life.

So today my friends don’t be afraid to start over, to take that chance, to completely shake your life upside down because in doing so you realized what your made of and what you never thought possible could actually come true. I am living proof of that …

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