The day the laughter stopped…losing Robin Williams

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The day the laughter stopped… losing Robin Williams

You never know what a person is feeling inside, when I read that Robin Williams had committed suicide I, like the rest of the world was shocked. Here was this brilliant, funny, loved man, we all thought had the world by the balls and yet inside he was a tortured soul.

That is how most of us walk around on this earth, we show the world one side, us smiling while inside we’re dying.

Who would have thought to look at him from the outside that he could have done this, to the rest of us, we think “what kind of problems could he have? He is a movie star, he is loved, he had all kinds of sick money, really how bad can it be?”
But we are too quick to see what we want to see, we are too quick to think that because you have fame and fortune that it magically takes all your problems away.

Money doesn’t buy happiness, I can attest to that! No, it brings bigger problems, if your not happy inside a 10,000 fur coat on top of you is not going to fix you, you have t fix the inside first.

Yes, you know lots of people that you probably see every day that are putting on a smiling face and are tortured on the inside, yet you have no clue.

I have three friends that are dealing with life changing, debilitating illnesses yet if you didn’t know, you would have never guessed they are sick.

They are the most positive, inspiring, role models I know. But I know them and I know that there are days they can hardly get out of bed, that the pain, the medicine and all the doctors visits are too much and that they pray that the pain will stop, yet to the world they seem not to have a care.

I put on a smile every day, I presented to be in a happy, loving marriage to a wonderful guy who at night behind closed doors called me every name in the book, constantly told me how stupid I was, how I was nothing, no, no one knew that every night after putting my girls to bed I would get into a tub with wine and sleeping pills and pray God would take me home, no one knew I wrote suicide letters to my girls two Christmas’s ago, I didn’t want to go on, I was in that much pain inside.

No, they only saw what I wanted them to see just like Robin Williams did, it looked like he had it all, but remember looks can be deceiving.

He obviously was hurting so very much that he thought this was the only way to stop his pain and he didn’t reach out to anyone for help.

It is such a loss for the world as he was a truly brilliant and he will be missed. My heart goes out to his family because at that moment you don’t think about what it will do to them, you can’t see past your own pain, to realize how devastated they will be.

So today my friends, when you speak to someone, speak kind words, don’t be too quick to judge, you never know if your words will effect another person or if that person is in pain inside, yet showing you a smiling face.

Be kind to others, because there before the grace of God goes you….

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