The depth of denial

How far are your depths of denial? Yes there are many people that are in this place and they cant seem to know or want to move from there.


They figure if they don’t talk about , if they shove it into the back of the closet pile other stuff over it and close the door its gone or if they pull the blankets over their heads like we use to do when we were little and afraid, close our eyes real tight then it will go away.


Except surprise! They are still there, what ever you are trying to bury is still there.

It doesn’t matter what your hididng your hooked on prescription medications, your a drunk, your child is dropping out and sleeping around, you were sexually abused as a child, you can’t stop eating at night, whatever it may be that yiur running from, the problem is still there.


Until the day when you find the courage to stand up, own your part, take responsibility for what is going on , nothing is going to change, you will continue to blame others, you will continue to live with guilt and pain that will not go away until you release it.


Trust me nothing is as bad as you make it seem in your head! I know I put all of my demons, problems and mistakes out there each and every day for thousands to read, could it be any worse than that?


You won’t be able to get to your next level if your carrying all your junk on your back, you can’t climb up that latter if your hands are full of crap from the past, let it go and use your hands to pull yourself up and out of the hoe you tired to buried all your stuff in.


Trust that you will have the support of your family, your family, your church family and even if you have no one you always have God, who will never leave you.


Find a support group, they understand what you are going through, tye Internet is a wonderful thing to find others, go to consulting, find a preacher , it doesn’t matter be pro active about the rest of your life.


Okay, I never sugar coat anything, I  not Willy Wonka, is it going to easy oh Hell no, if it was going to be easy we would have all done it years ago, it will be tough, hard and at some times excruciating but when you come out on the other side it is so worth iy, no more hiding , no more lying, cheating, covrring your tracks, worried someone will find out, all of that will be gone, you will finally be free and what a feeling freedom is!


So today take that step, reach out to some, admit you have a problem, ask for help , it doesn’t make you weak it will make you stronger! 


This is your life don’t hide from it, live it to the fullest, be your authentic self, the one God created you to be, the best you possible.

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