The difference between you and I is….. nothing

Yes,the difference between me and you is nothing. The only difference is that I write about my life for the whole world to and judge.


I am a single mom, I have two girls that I am trying to raise the right way , I worry about them constantly and pray they go the right way.


I work full time and then have a job on the side, I volunteer at church,  I work out, I have issues with my ex and I have relationship issues, yes I  just like so many of you.


There are days that I don’t want to get up and go to the gym, I’m hurting and I’m tired (you did read my blog yesterday?)


I get home late, everyone is pulling at me , I need this, you said you would do that… there is never enough time in the day.


I have bills, things come up unexpectedly, why is gas going up so much? 


I use to get worried, how am I going to do this on my own, for 24 years I had someone doing and taking care of everything, can I do this? He always said I could never make it on my own, was he right?


I miss having someone to count on, to lay on the couch and watch movies, to spoon with at night, yes we all feel the same feelings, I just, as my girlfriend says have the biggest balls she’s ever seen , (her words not mine) to put it all out there. 


My hope is that there is one women in a horrible situation, that doesn’t think she could ever do this, that has no self esteem, no faith , no hope, I want her to read my words and know that anything is possible if you believe, yes, it won’t be easy but it will so be worth it!


I want them to know my deepest darkest fears and my greatest joys and all the emotions they will feel in between, but most of all I want them to know they are not alone and it will be okay, no it will be better than okay, it will be incredible, beyond your wildest dreams!


Yes and then I will tell you just when you thought you had truly found happiness and a man you thought loved you, you will be deceived and lied to, your world will fall apart again, but as long as you have faith, as long as you believe to who ever is your higher power that it will be alright, you will get past that and come out even better than before!


Yes, the only difference between me and you is I put what you are thinking and feeling out there, because I know where your coming from and I know the journey is so worth it.


So keep believing, keep hoping, keep dreaming, never give up and if you need to know your not alone, keep reading my blog, I am your biggest cheerleader!

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