The do’s and don’ts of online dating


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The do’s and don’ts of on line dating

Okay,since I’ve been dating, there are so many things I have seen out there that are such turn off’s, these are the things that me and my bestie laugh about every morning. This is just from a women’s perspective, you men can chime in with what we do to turn you off, as I can only speak from what I see.

1.I don’t need to see what you looked like 30 years ago, most likely you looked better than and it’s just a tease.

2. I don’t want to see your dog, cat or other animals, I am not dating them and they are most likely another tease because they are also better looking than you.

3. I don’t need to see pictures of your boat, car, house or motorcycle, I am not impressed.(please see #1 &2)

4. If you don’t say anything about yourself, I keep going, I want to be drawn in, if your funny let it show, if your romantic put it down, tell me about yourself, otherwise I think your boring and I go, next!

5. Please take close up and full body shots, look we all have our types, I like athletic guys, that’s me and for God’s sake put up more than one picture,I went on a date and walked around for 15 minutes looking for him, because he looked nothing like his one picture.

6. If you do get in touch, please don’t call me baby, honey, sweetie or sexy, you don’t even know me, it’s offensive and right there it gets you to the door, next!

7 . Don’t say things through texts or emails that you would never have the balls to say in person! Really! Nough said

8. Do you read? If you did you you would have read that I am not looking to hook up, so don’t ask, don’t send me a picture of your ass or any other body part! Yuck! What part of not looking to hook up don’t you get?

9. Don’t keep asking me to send you pictures how many do you need to see? Ask me out, see the real thing!

10.Be a gentleman, yes we still like that, open doors, pull out chairs, at least offer to buy us a cup of coffee.

11. don’t talk about what bitches your ex was, be yourself for God’s sake its a date, were not getting married, have fun.

Yes, it has been a trip but even though I haven’t found a love connection yet, I have meet some really great guys that are now my friends.

And every day I get to trade war stories with my bestie and laugh and isn’t that what life is really about? The laughter and the memories. …

So today my friends try new things but remember my tips and just go with a open mind ,without prescription judgements and a great sense of humor!

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