The lessons I’ve learned…adapting

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Lessons I learned 2014

Adapting to all circumstances.

This trip taught me to be ready for anything and be willing and open to adapt to all circumstances, it was also a lesson I got to teach my girls.

We had planned to rent a house, but my one girlfriend couldn’t make it and a friend stepped up and offered his house, well he got hurt and didn’t get to finish his house in time for our visit.

One bathroom, six women, one bedroom ready, no sheets or blinds on the windows, yup, this wasn’t going to work, instead of getting upset or mad I rolled with it, okay plan b, we went to my other girlfriends summer cabin, we got there to find out she had no hot water or wi fi, okay we will deal for the next few days until my other friend got there and we would stay with her.

I have to say the girls (4 teenage girls) were pretty cool, guess you lead by example.
Well my other girlfriend came down with her son and his 3 kids all under the age of 6 because her mom was visiting upstate and haven’t seen the kids.

Now I love kids but my idea of a vacation is not stuck in a house with 3 screaming, crying kids as good as they might be, eventually they will be screaming and crying, so we took a vote and decided that we would do without hot water and wifi and rough it at the cabin.

10 to 1 if the house with the kids had wi fi we probably would have been there even with the screaming mimi’s, I did say I had 4 teenage girls right?

We learned to have patience, 6 women one shower? hello!, we learned to adapt to carrying clothes and towels with us to take showers at other friends houses, we learned to work well together, sharing flat irons and makeup.We learned to stop screaming when taking ice cold well water showers.

But the biggest lesson we all learned was to roll with whatever comes along, its not the end of the world, we were lucky enough to be together, to be on vacation, to be blessed to be seeing friends and family and to not sweat the small stuff or not to sweat the sweat in our case, okay not funny!

It made it more the adventure for us , we laughed a lot and had wonderful stories to tell for years to come and actually brought us closer because of it.

The one thing I’ve learned this last year is change is good, I am not afraid of change anymore, deal with it then go on with your life, roll with the punches, deal with it, make the best of it amd look on the bright side. I hope I taught my girls these things as well.

So today my friends, roll with whatever comes along, laugh, know that you are learning to adapt and that change is good, embrace it! It will be okay.

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