The lessons I’ve learned in Greece

Treadmill Treats Tuesday edition

As I get older, I hope I am getting wiser as well. I look at life differently, I try to find the lessons of every experience I have. I have learned so many lessons in the last few years, more than I have in my lifetime.

You learn lessons when you are ready to open your heart, be quiet within yourself and realize that you have to let go of your ego. A great friend once said “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

This trip to Greece was no different, here I learned many lessons, first and foremost I learned more now than ever before, to have gratitude. I am not only grateful every day but I am even more grateful that God had showed his grace on me to let me be able to do this with my best friend.

I saw people living in poverty and yet they were happy, I saw people sitting and really enjoying talking to others, not rushing about. I was grateful to be able to do that with my best friend.

I learned to go with the flow, so the apartment we rented wasn’t in the greatest neighborhood, we meet neighbors, we found great little neighborhood restaurants with wonderful food and great company. We made the best out of what we were given, with no complaints or whining, we were both just grateful to be there together.

We had no schedule, we wung it and we had fun, we laughed, we said each and every day how blessed we were to be there.
We couldn’t get flights out, we had to change plans, fly out from Greece to London, we rolled with it, I learned to bend and go with the flow. I looked at all of it as an adventure, whatever God wants to happen, it will and if it’s not what I want to happen, I need to let go and stop stressing about it.

I learned to stop and enjoy, really enjoy the moment, because in a second it could all change.So we had to go to London, okay, I got a stamp on my passport, I got to taste the food, I got to see their incredible airport, make it good, find the positive and go with it.

So today my friends, stop rushing around, stop worrying about the past, stop worrying about what may or may not be coming, be content in this moment, take it in, sit back look around, enjoy your company and be grateful that you can do it.

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