The lessons I’ve learned this year 2016

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The lessons I’ve learned 2016


The last two weeks I’ve been on vacation, well a working vacation but at least I was somewhere different.


I went home to upstate New York, a place that gives me peace, that lets me recharge and keeps me grounded.


Nothing like going home to people that knew you as a snot nose kid to keep you grounded.

This magical place filled with huge pine trees, streams, rivers and the most incredible lakes and waterfalls you have ever seen, makes all of my problems go away.


It also teaches me lessons every time I am there. Lessons about life, about myself and about what’s really important in life.


This visit was no different,

I learned this summer what true friends mean, this was especially important as last summer my “best friend” screwed me over so bad it shook me to the core. I never thought she would do that and it made me question all of my friends and relationships.


Thankfully, I have a group of the most amazing friends and I realized that I can always count on them, so that restored my faith in friends and people again.


I also learned that I am too quick to jump to conclusions, I’ve learned that sometimes not everyone is out to box you in, that because I’ve been so hurt, I jump into “Your trying to control me and I’m out of here” mode in seconds. I’ve learned that as well as I am today, I still carry deep down, the hurt from my old marriage and The Con Artist.Things I need to obviously work on within myself.


One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned was sometimes the connection is over, even though it may have been there for all of your life, sometimes it’s just done. That even though I may have wrote about it, it sometimes takes being in that person’s presence to know you weren’t just speaking it, you were definitely feeling it as well.


That it is truly time to move on, to wish that person well and still always love them but to know that connection is finally put to rest. This was a huge oneĀ  for me but I am glad that I learned it.


Yes, I’ve learned to be present in the moment, if its lunch with a old friend, to a hour at the lake remembering the good old days, to singing and dancing at a concert with people you love, its about all of these magical moments that we call life.


So today my friends remember there are lessons all over, your never too old to learn, to change, to dig deeper and make yourself better, but the best lessons we need to keep learning is that life is too short, live big, laugh loud, dance like no one is watching, be present and tell the ones you love how you feel, today is a gift, treat it as one!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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