The loss of a friend

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The loss of a friend


Sunday was a hard day for me as I was getting up to get ready to go to a funeral for my “Church husbands” brother. See he was a good man, healthy and strong, in the second half of his life and bam just like that he was gone, heart attack…here today, gone tomorrow.


This was the first funeral I had to attend since my own mothers so I was emotional from the get go. It was also raw because my dear cousins parnter pasted away four days before and I am still processing that because I love her so much and I feel her pain and loss.


I then get a text message that a dear childhood friend had passed that morning, he was my age, we went to school together, hell we even dated for a minute years ago.


He was always laughing, he would help you out in a heartbeat, he was a great brother, uncle and friend and just like that he’s gone. Talk about life is too short…


He didn’t know he was sick, he had a cold he couldn’t shake, a cough that wouldn’t go away. Back and forth to the doctors and hospitals and still no relief. When this last time they finally found something…too late stage 4 lung cancer and just like that, no sooner after, he is gone.


I tell you all the time, forget the dishes, forget the laundry, take your kids to the beach, stop and make time to color with them, make cookies, its the little things they will hold sacred.


Let go of the anger and resentment, forgive others and ask for forgiveness, drop everything for a friend to catch up. Be present in the moment with who you are with, leave your phones and emails, enjoy the time together.


Forget about money, its the memories you will think of when it’s your time and how you wished you’ve done more with family and loved ones.


Don’t die with regrets, do that bucket list now! Live life like is is your last day here because it very well might be. We are not given extra time to do a reover, you want to change? Do it now, not tomorrow not the new years, you might not have until then.


Your unhappy, in a horrible relationship, get out, you hate your job find one you love, even if it means less money. You are mad at relatives, forgive, you haven’t spoken to your parents, pick up the phone. Your mad at your kids over their lifestyle, get over it….all that is important is that you are living each day to the fullest, that if it’s your time to go you won’t say I would have, should have, could have …done this or that.


Believe me no one on their death bed is saying I wish I made more money, worked more hours, no they are wishing for one more day, one more minute with the ones they love to say the things they didn’t while they could.


So today my friends, like I tell you all the time, forgive, laugh often, live big because just like these three people life can be over in a second, live every second filled with love, compassion, joy, peace and gratitude.


My condolences to:


The Tomak family


My cousin Cindy and Mike’s family


and to The Graham family


May God hold you in his arms and comfort you. We may not know why they were taking from us so soon but we know they are with you…


** I know this is a tough time of year so I will be putting this number out there for all that needs it…I been there and I know how dark it may seem especially during the Christmas season, there is help, it will get better…I am living proof of

“This too shall pass”**

Please get help, call today:

National Suicide Hotline: 24/7



“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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