The one thing about blogging. ..

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The one thing about blogging….


I write this blog every day, I put my whole life out there, personal things, my deepest feelings, even embarrassing things, like when I screw up and fall on my face, (yup, there is alot of that going on!) there is nothing off limits here.


I do this because I am hoping that something I went through will help someone out there feel that they can do it, that they can change their lives and their circumstances. I want them to think if she did it and then she  talks about it to the world, I can definitely do it.


The one thing about writing this blog that I’ve learned is people will tell you their opinions weither what you want to hear it or not. Oh yes, I get it all the time and I understand that if I am putting it out there, I better be ready for opinions on my life, like it or not, I started this…so be ready!


Don’t get me wrong I get some incredible feed back from my readers and I appreciate it and am so grateful for them, but I am also grateful for the others, the ones that really give it to me. Why? You ask, because I am never to old, never to big, never to smart to learn something from another’s point of view, maybe I didn’t see that way, maybe my feelings got ahead of me (Not like that happens much,yea ¬†right) maybe someone else had walked down that road and know it better than me.


I love that my cousin and my best friends know that they can and do call me out on things, I sometimes run into the ditch and need a good kick in the ass!


Even when the haters come at me, I am ready to listen to what they have to say, even in the hate, you can learn a lesson. There is always a lesson to be learned right or wrong, it’s there.


So today my friends, my advice to you is never think to too old to learn, never think your too smart to listen and never think you know it all, it is then you will stop growing into all your suppose to be.


“Be the change you want to see”


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