The peace in your life

Treadmill Treats Monday Message
The peace in your life

I remember a long time ago I went to a mediation class and they asked what you truly wanted in your life. They made you write it on a piece of paper and speak it to the universe.
Recently I found that piece of paper in my wallet and it said
“I want peace within”
Of all the things I could have asked for I knew I wanted peace in my life, something money could never buy.

I wanted the kind peace that comes in your life, that you no longer worry, that your faith is so strong you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything will be okay.

The day I cried out to God after hitting rock bottom is the day I received this kind of peace. It is a indescribably feeling when you let go and let God, your life will never be the same.
In spite of what you have done he will love and forgive you. No matter how many times you screw up, he still feels like you deserve it, you deserve his favor and his grace and mercy.

I remember the first time coming into this church, I was broken, I was hurting and I was lost and I had no where to go and no one to help me.
God spoke to me through my Bishop, the message was for me. It was about John, who was in the boat and Jesus told him to get out of the boat in the storm, to trust him that he could walk on the water. He listened but once he doubted his faith he sunk yet Jesus still saved him.This was me, I was drowning in a storm, I believed but not totally and kept sinking until I truly gave it over to him.

Today I no longer worry about what people say, about bills or clients or what if’s. I stand fast in his word…I pray and let God worry, that’s it, that is my physiology of life, pretty simple right? Yup…pray and let God worry, my part is trusting and believing, the rest is up to him.

I have to tell you the last 2 years have been incredible, you can feel the peace when you walk into my home,when your around me even in my writing, it is everywhere in my life and I learned that if something or someone is threatening that peace, they are history, because I’ve worked to hard to get it, nothing is going to mess this up.

So today my friends, let go of stress, of sleepless nights, of anger, anxiety and heart palpation, none of which will change your situation instead chose peace. Let Go and let God and you will find it, look what happened all those years ago, I spoke it and so it was….

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