The people who bless your life..

I have always been blessed even in my worst days, I still felt like I was blessed, but since I’ve gotten divorced I feel that I am  much more blessed.

I have always had so many wonderful friends in my life growing up, maybe because I was an only child and always wanted a big family, so they were the family I chose for myself.

When I first got together with my ex he made me choose between him and my two best friends, (yes the red flags were screaming!) But I thought I was in “love” and he wanted the best for me. He thought my one bestie was a slut and my other one was gay and I didn’t need to associate myself with “those” type of people.

So I cut all ties with them (yes it broke my heart, but I had just sold my business, rented my home and moved 1500 miles because I was in love, how could I go back with my tail between my legs? I couldn’t )

For many years I had no friends just him and I was so lonely and so very sad. He didn’t want me to contact my old friends as that meant that I must want to sleep with them. So I was sad and it wasn’t until my second daughter was born that I finally found a friend who also had two daughters, she was my life line, we became insepretable, I loved her like a sister.

As I started to find my voice again, I started to get more friends, my old self was emerging and I started to talk to old school friends again.

And yes my two old besties after a long apology letter and many prayers on my part,forgave me. I said I was blessed didn’t I?

Now two years after our separation and divorce I am once again blessed with more friends then once person should ever have! I am so very grateful for all of these wonderful people in my life.

Two of my dear friends Facebooked me yesterday just to say they miss me and was thinking of me!do you really have to ask how blessed I am?

There was a post yesterday that said you never forget your childhood friends and I wrote “how can I , I talk to them every day!”

Yes it is true and I hope that you don’t close yourself off to the most incredible heart warming thing in life, true friendship it will change your life, trust me on this!

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