The people who bless your life..

I have always been blessed even in my worst days, I still felt like I was blessed, but since I’ve gotten divorced I feel that much more blessed. 

I have always had so many wonderful friends in my life growing up maybe because I was an only child and always wanted a big family, so they were the family I chose for myself.

When I first got together with my ex he made me choose between him and my two best friends, (yes the red flags were screaming!) But I thought I was in “love” and he wanted the best for me. He thought my one bestie was a slut and my other one was gay and I didn’t need to associate myself with “those” type of people. 

So I cut all ties with them (yes it broke my heart, but I had just sold my business, rented my home and moved 1500 miles because I was in love, how could I go back with my tail between my legs? I couldn’t )

For many years I had no friends just him and I was so lonely and so very sad. He didn’t want me to contact my old frinds as that meant that

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