The quickest way lose focus of your dreams is to keep looking back at your past…

The quickest way to lose focus of  your dreams is to keep looking back at your past. People have had things happen to them in the past and they cant let it go, they constantly are looking back saying “they did this to me, that happened to me that’s why I can’t do this or that..” they can’t seem to let it go.

look you cant drive the car forward if your only looking in the rear view mirror right? Same thing in life , yes  things  happen in your life happened, for some of us it was really bad (in my writing class, I was reading a chapter of my book which we do every week and when I was done someone asked how much of this horrible childhood did I make up, I replied “I couldn’t make this shit up”  then they asked how to I keep so positive when I had all this happen in my life , my answer was “I am grateful for being alive and all that has happen has made me who I am today, I look at at the bright side every day that is what I choose” I refuse to be a victim,  I am a survivor and the reason for my being to to be able to tell other’s my story and to give hope to them to never stop believing .

so I look forward,  I refuse to dwell in the past, the past is only there so that I may have a testimony to let everyone know what Gods grace and mercy brought me out of. 

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