The reason I am so positive

What makes me so positive?

Recently someone asked me this question and I had to laugh because it’s probably the most asked question I get asked.
It all starts with a mind set, growing up my grandmother lived with us, she was the most miserable, negative person you will ever meet. Nothing could make her happy and she was like this until the day she died.

Yes, she had a hard life and it didn’t turn out the way she thought it should, like most of us but she made everyone’s else’s life miserable as well because of it. I decided early on I was never going to be like her, I swore I wasn’t going to be mean and hate life like she did.

So even though I had just as bad of a life or probably worst, I still decided that I wasn’t going to let it effect my outlook on life.
Not to say it wasn’t hard at times, it was excruciating some days but I made myself be grateful for something, just waking up, waking up in a home, food to eat, later on for my girls, something, anything to focus on the good.

I chose to exercise every day, that changes who I am, it makes me feel stronger, it gives me energy and a clear head to be able to get through things.

I go to conferences, Dr.Wayne Dyer, Louise Hayes, Tony Robbins. I read motivational books and every morning on the way to the gym I watch inspirational videos, I listen to songs that give me a message.
I am constantly putting myself in that state of positivity, of gratefulness, of love, peace and joy.

I have a “sick faith” like my Bishop taught me, I found a church and a church family that keeps me going through the storms and grateful during the good times.

I have a belief that things will get better, I always think of the hard times and how I got through them and it gives me the courage to know I am a fighter and to know that I will get knocked down again but I will keep fighting and keep getting back up.

It’s a state of mind, it’s something you get to chose every day, yes I could have easily said “Look at my life, look at all I’ve been through, my mom’s cancer, my dad dying at 45, being raped, having to have an abortion and a suicide attempt all in the span of 6 months at the age of 15”

Yes, I had every right to be mad at the world when I lost 3 of my best friends, when my mom died, when I was in the depths of drug and alcohol addiction, when I was stuck in a verbally abuisve marriage for 24 years.

I should have gotten a hall pass on hatred and negativity, hell I earned that but I didn’t. I chose, there’s that word again, I chose to be positive, to look for that tiny silver lining.

Another thing I do is laugh at myself, I admit to being wrong, I am open to learn the lessons and actually look for the lessons in everything because I want to keep growing, keep changing. I am open, I step out of my box, I jump off that cliff even if it scares the hell out of me, I do it.
These are all simple, little tricks that can work for anyone.

So today my friends remember I am no different then you, yes, life pisses me off some days, I am not happy all the time, I get my pity party days, I cry…alot and yes, I even sometimes ask “Why me, God?”
But I don’t stay in that state, I have my pity party, I cry, I curse and the next day I put on my big girl panties and get with being positive again.

I am just like you, the only difdeence is I chose to get past that, I chose to focus on the good, I chose to do something about it and not bitch and moan about the bad. I chose to believe it will get better, to look at all the blessings I have and not all I’ve been through and say it always happens to me, this will never change.
I chose to praise even through the storms, not curse at the universe, I chose all of this and this my friend’s is what makes me and keeps me so positive.
This is your life, live it large, chose wisely.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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