The reasoning behind catfishing

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The reasoning behind catfishing…

Yesterday me and my bestie were talking about dating, okay we were trading war stories and laughing our ass’s off.

This is our morning ritual to start the day off in laughter and a lot of the time its about our latest dating fiasco.

Yes, we had them all Mr. Beat me with a spoon (delete!) Mr.Whips and chains (delete!) Mr.Send you a picture of my ass (?? Wtf ? delete, delete!!) Mr.Racist (delete!) And our all time dirt bag Mr.Con Artist (kicked to the curb literally and permanent deleted !!)

Oh yes we have dated some winners without the chicken dinners!

Well, in between I have been catfished and for those of you that don’t know what that means ask your teenagers!
There is a show on Mtv called Catfished, about people that go online and they steal someone else photos, they make a bio or steal that too and then they contact you pretending to be that person.

Our question yesterday was why? Do you not have a life? Okay dumb question, obviously not!They are stealing someone else’s!

But really why? Why would you lead another person on like that? For what benefit? Eventuality they are going to want to meet you and then what?
My first time I didn’t know, me and this guy texted and emailed back and forth, he told me all about his so called life and I told him mine.

This went on a few weeks, then I wanted to meet and we had plans to meet and he suddenly deletes his profile and his number is gone??

Next catfish, I was more wise and when I asked what church he went to there was a pause for a few minutes then he proceeds to give me the full address. I don’t know about you but I’ve been going to my church for 3 years I couldn’t tell the the full address if my life depended on it! Then he says he went to collage in Miami I ask which one there are a lot , he says Miami ?? Remember when I taught you about red flags? Run Forrest Run these are them!

Now I can spot them mile away, delete!
but our question still is why? Why play with someone else emotions? Do they get a thrill? Is it for fun?
(For the con artist its a way of life , we get that) but for the others my question is why?

Look I always look at the bright side , okay I was taken in not once but twice.
(I am a little slow, hello! Read my blogs and you would know this!)

For me this is material for my blog and more fuel to add to our morning laughter sessions! We will go on a little wiser and a little more cautious but still with a open heart because that is who we are and besides we know we are some incredible, smart, funny, beautiful women, their loss! NEXT!!

So today my friends, see the red flags, know your self worth then run like hell laughing all the way!!

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