The same results…

Why do we keep doing the same thing and expecting different results?

We as women do this all the time, we keep picking losers, emotionally unattached,  screwed up men and then they do what they are good at ( not call, leave you hanging, stand you up, disappoint…) and we keep going back expecting a different result.

There is no different result, the only one your going get is the one you chose, move on and chose a different man!

I write this blog to inspire others, so I have to write about all of my trials and times and yes I am guilty! I want a man who runs after me, who wants to spend time with me, who thinks about me when we are not together.

Who will drop what hes doing to be able to get together, that I am first (okay second behind God) in his life.

Why do I expect this?Because this is what I will give to a man I care about and I realized that at this point in my life I deserve to be treated like a queen , I was treated like shit for so long I think its what I deserve but no more! I know I deserve it and so much more and if I have to be alone so be!  it I like myself and my own company! I have great kids , a great family and more friends that anyone should be blessed with and I know I am a good , kind , passionate, romantic women with a big heart just like so many of you are out there!

There is no reason for us to settle for a man like this, none, nada ! Get it?

I got it this weekend when Mr . emotionally unavailable yet again blew me off and this great guy who wanted to date me for weeks and kept calling telling me he would wait, anytime I was available he would free up his schedule to see me, really ?? And yet I was holding my breath for the other one ? For what?  I knew what the end result was going to be duh! The same as it has been! I realized at that moment I didn’t come this far to be treated like that.

So I went out with Mr. Anytime for you and it was so nice to feel like this man wants to be in your company and cares about what you are saying and how you feel.

Wow what a concept! So I will definitely be going out with him again and I definitely will be seeing my worth, the worth I worked so hard at getting back.

So ladies are you also doing the same things expecting different results? I am here to tell you there will not be different results until you realize your banging your head against a tree wake up and smell the coffee! You are worth so much more!

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