The signs all around us

Last night I had a strange dream about getting stuck in a elevator and my kids were out there scared and a nice man took care of them until I got out safe.

Turns out he was Steven King and they told him I was a writer and he helped me get my book out to be a Ny Times bestselling author. I woke up thinking what was that about?

I then get to the gym and I always listen to Steve Harvey and this mornings message he started off saying ” if you want to be a best selling author” ( ok people I cannot make this shit up if I tried!) “You need to envision it , but when you get there and you think how could this happen, remember it had nothing to do with you, it is Gods grace on your life to open the doors to get you there.”

You never know what doors he is going to open on your behalf, when you see someone and they tell you their story and you think how did that happen? It is unrealistic, there is no explanation to why this happened except God has his hand in it.

I have huge faith, extraordinary faith (Hello I do go to The Faith Center, ordinary people, extraordinary faith is our saying!) that this is my destiny just as I had the faith that I was going to be living this incredible life after all the years of misery I suffered. 

These are signs that God is giving to me to let me know that it is coming,  do I have faith and the patience to wait? Oh you know it, if I have to be like Sarah in the bible and wait 99 years, I will not lose faith I will believe he will do this.

There are signs all around us , there are whispering in our head, you will be thinking something and someone will say it, be at the library and a book jumps out at you, some song will come on the radio saying just what you needed to hear, it is not coincidence, its God.

So what signs are you getting? What is God whispering in your ear? But the bigger question is do you believe? And do you have faith?

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