The soul of a person…

I have always been a big believer in the soul of a person, who you truly are in your heart and soul.Yes we are all human and sometimes we make mistakes, but our mistakes don’t define who we are, who we are in our souls.

Sometimes all a person needs is kindness from others, someone who will believe in them, who will see the kindness in their soul to turn their life around.

How do you not know that those kind words you spoke to someone today may have changed their lives? Maybe today was the day they decided to end it all, but your kindness changed the way they view the world and changed their mind.

Do you walk right by a homeless person and not answer them when they speak to you? Why are you better then ┬áthem ? No you just are in Gods grace in “this season” of your life, but remember” there before the grace of God go I”

Is that person less of a person than you? No, they might have made mistakes, they might have had some bad breaks, maybe they didn’t have the strength to believe, ┬áto pull themselves up, they lost their faith and hope.

They still bleed the same red blood and at night they still cry the same tears as you.I will always look into a person soul and see who they are before I judge them on the outside.

Who are we to judge someone?are we perfect?can you honestly say you are a true “Christian?” No and it doesn’t matter how much you go to church or read your bible, it ain’t happening!

We can try to do our best but we will never be perfect, so then if your not perfect how can you judge others?

Have you never lied? Cheated? Did something you knew wasn’t right?, I can go on and on… You are not perfect so stop judging people on what you see, what you hear, what others tell you start judging them on their kindness of their soul, just imagine what a better place this world would be!

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