The steps to change your life

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The steps to change your life


In this week’s series I have been taking about changing your life and today I will tell you what you need t4o do, to do that.


1- The first step is to be sick and tired…


Sick and tired you ask? What does that have to do with changing?

When you are sick and tired of something you will do just about anything to change your situation.

Sick and tired of your weight? Your job? Your relationship? Good! That means you want something to change.


2- Now you need to change your mind…


Change the way you think about yourself, about what others may say about you, your not the victim, your the survivor. You mind is the most powerful tool you have, use it!


Tell yourself you can do this, every single day. I use to put a sticky note in my car that said I love me and every day I would say it, out loud because I didn’t love myself, I had lost myself and I needed to find her again so I said it everyday until I started to believe it.


3.Start reading, watch Youtube, make a vision board, speak your intentions out in the universe…


Do things to get your mind working in the direction you want to go. If your looking to lose weight post pictures of what you want to look like, read about how others got there. This goes with anything you want to change, you have to start with your mindset first.


4- Start hanging out with like minded people…


People will help and encourage you.

This change is hard enough without you surrounding yourself with negative people saying you can’t do this… find just one friend, get a mentor, go to a meeting but find someone who will lift you when it seems like you can’t go on.


5- Use the 30 day rule…


They say you can pick up or drop a habit in 30 days..

Use a calendar mark off the days, keep doing the above for 30 days and by the end of those days you will have a new habit, a new mind, a new you!


6- Don’t be so hard on yourself…


This one gets alot of people every time, your on a diet and you cheat so the whole diet is down the drain. No you fell down, okay it happens get back up, start over, it gives you character.


We are not perfect why do we act like we should be and why are we so afraid of our mistakes? They teach us lessons, make us stronger, they give us a testimony of perseverance. Rejoice in your failures because you are becoming stronger because of them!


7. Stop thinking it will happen overnight….


Did you gain that weight overnight? No! Did he treat you like crap overnight?  No! So it’s not going to magically change overnight.


I admit this one is a hard one for me, I want it and I want it now!  But newsflash! It’s not going to happen like that, so know that upfront and when it takes way,way longer than you thought, you will be expecting it.


8- Keep your eyes on the prize….


You want this…you can feel it…being free…losing weight… a new job with a big office, you have envisioned it, you read, did your homework, put it out there, got support, now keep your eyes on the prize.


Even when it gets tough, even when you don’t think it is possible, even when no one else believes in you, even when you slip and fall again and again, keep looking at that finish line it is rightthere…just a little bit more… you can and will hold on….see it? See it? Yes, close your eyes, see it now? You got this!


So today my friends, these are the steps for you to change your life…how do I know?  Because these are the steps I used to change everything in my life…

To forgive, to overcome drugs and alcohol, to get out of a horrible abusive marriage, to start over with a new home, a new business but most importantly a new me…I did it, you can do it…start today you already got step one covered, keep stepping into your new life.


Be the change you want to see”


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