The steps to change..

Everyone has had things them in their lives it is how we deal with it that matters.

1- You have to have faith

Faith that anything is possible!


2- You have to have a goal or a dream

Without a dream you are dead! Dream big!


3- You must be willing to work hard to achieve it

Faith without works are dead, anything worth getting takes work!


4-You need to get away from the nay sayers and the haters

They are worthless on your journey,thats why they are were they are,cut loose!


5- Dont be afraid of change!

Change can be wonderful,exciting and better than you ever dreamed!


6-Believe! Believe,Believe!

Even when it seems humanly impossible, believe that God can and does miracles !


It is funny while I was packing I found some old journals and I re-read them (more stories for my New York Times bestseller book) even through my darkest days, I never stopped praying, I never stopped dreaming of more, I never stopped believing that my times were going to change, that my dreams were going to come true! Even as I cried while writing it,as my heart was breaking and I couldn’t see the sun ,I still believed it would get better!

And now I am no longer afraid of change ,because it is greater than I could imagine.and I have found peace and happiness.

So my friends why don’t you try my simple steps and change your life,do it today!

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