There is a lesson in every knock down

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There is a lesson in every knock down


In this week series of changing your life, today I will tell you about perseverance and lessons.


How to go on even when there seems to be no hope, even when you screw up over and over, even when everyone else including yourself, doesn’t believe you can do it.


I am here to prove to you it can be done and how you can do it.


Here’s the big secret…are you ready? Wait for it…… It’s looking for the lessons…what? That’s the secret?


Yes, in every failure, in every knock down, look for the lessons, simple right?

Don’t ever think you know it all, your too old to learn something new, or here’s the big one “someone hurts me and I should look for the lessons, are you crazy?”


Yes, you should… when I got divorced and got no alimony and hardly any child support I was devastated. Why? I cried out, I am christian I go to church, I pray, I try to do the right things  (yeah we always throw that one out, like it gives us a step up above everyone else, it doesn’t! )


But then I stepped back and started looking for the lessons and realize that I preach having faith, so was I going walk the walk now? Or was I going to be bitter and angry?


Was this a lesson in taking care of myself totally and showing others my struggles and how I overcame them? Or was I going to miss it totally?


I saw my lesson, I learned from it, I let it go and I moved on. But here is the big part…..I moved on…

I kept going, I didn’t roll over and die, I kept going…was it easy? Oh Hell no! I didn’t even have a job, I just started my own business and you know how that goes….feast or famine

(in the beginning there is definitely more famine then feast!)

No, it was rough,I gave up the big house, the big life, the big money, it was all on me and it was scary but I wasn’t going to quit, I had to move on, I kept telling myself I got this!


I thought I found the perfect man after my divorce, I was finally going to be happy and yet again the rug was pulled out from under me…yet even after that, I looked for the lessons.


I learned to listen to my inner voice, I taught my girls never to settle for a lying, cheating man, I learned to forgive, I learned to look into myself for the love I was desperately searching for from others and I got an incredible friend in the form of his ex wife…yes, even though all of the pain I found the lessons and I am grateful for them.


But I never gave up,even when it was hard,even when I thought I couldn’t have endured any more pain, I held on..I believed it would get better. And now it is more than amazing, it’s more than I could have ever dreamed for and I know without a doubt this is just the beginning…there is so much more to come.


So today my friends, never give up, never stop believing! There is is a saying in one day…you can fall in love…in one day your life can change, in one day…hold on that day is coming.


Be the change you want to see”


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