Doing things God’s way produces good results

Treadmill Treats Monday Message


Doing things God’s way produces good results


There’s a way to chose your path with God, you need to trust him, no matter where he is going to take us.


Someties he will uproot us and then give us instructions on what he wants us to do.

We don’t like change, I especially didn’t like change and we don’t want to listen because we are comfortable where we are.


But yet when we follow the world and then we end up feeling empty we blame God…but God didn’t give you those instructions, he gave you different instructions but you didn’t listen.


He makes you leave your comfort zone, he up roots you, makes you cut ties to some people, to bring you to a place he has for you.


You struggle through the process…you ask why? Where am I going? What is going to happen when I get there?

You need answers, your human…you’re afraid.


You think because you are Christian now, you don’t need to go through anything, things should be great…perfect!

You don’t want to go through hardships… isn’t that why you started to pray, to get you out of your hardships?


Being Christian doesn’t mean you automatically have a perfect life, it just means when hard times comes and they will, you won’t be afraid, you will know God has you, you will know he will provide but there are still lessons you need to learn.


There are things you are praying for…but you might not the ready and that blessing might turn into a curse if you are not ready.


But remember you get to chose which path you will take… do you follow God or do you follow the world?


You need to do it God’s way… Sometimes you need to hold back, hold your tongue, your feelings…even when you want to lash out…


This week was a test for me in this very area…when someone slammed me…put something on socal media that was a slap in my face….my feelings, my human self, wanted me to lash back, call her out, blast her but I had to hold my tongue.


I had to step back and know this will be my choice and this is not what I want to put out there…

I needed to be talked off the ledge…I am human…and it is quick to fall into the human way…


The Christian way is about you having one way to go…it puts pressure on you…

We blame God for things we do…you want the easy way…we do things our way, we make decisions that we didn’t ask God about yet we blame him for the consequences.


Here’s the thing, we are all not perfect, I am sure the hell not perfect, I constantly make God shake his head but I am a work in progress, I keep trying, to be better, to do better, to make God happy. Sometimes I achieve that and most of the time I fall short but I still keep trying.


We have to remember that and not be so hard on ourselves. Look at Jesus apostles, Paul was a murderer and yet he went on to write 13 books in the bible.

Peter carried a knife and he used it many times.


The apostle were all thugs, they were liars, thief’s, cheaters, murderers, backstabbers.

Jesus didn’t take the prophets, the high priests, the “Godly” people. No he took people that others thought were hopeless, that hit rock bottom, that society threw away and he believed in them, he knew they could change but he also knew they were human, and they would make mistakes and yet still, he would forgive them.


God will make your story, he will use your story to show others that your not perfect…but he will still have you, still love you, still make you prosper in spite of your shortcomings.


So today my friends, remember

I know that the road might be hard, you might want to quit, you want it now, you’ve been waiting forever but believe me when you do things God’s way, he will produce amazing things in your life.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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