Thoughts become things…

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Thoughts become things. ..

They are a lot of ways to say this and recently my youngest said she wanted to read the Secret. She was blown away by the concept of this book, I was blown away because she was reading it! ( maybe with all I speak about, they are actually listening?? )

She said this guy who wrote the book was a great writer, I told her that yes but this wasn’t his idea, he just wrapped it in a new package, this was a concept going back thousands of years, it started from the Bible, yes the bible…”you reap what you sow”
Same thing as “you get what you put out in the universe”

“If you believe, you shall have”
“Ask and you shall receive”
Same thing different packaging but however you get there it is the message that is important.
If you keep saying I’m broke, your going to continue to be broke. If you say I’m never getting out of this situation, guess what your not!
If all you sow is negatively, doubt, fears, bad energy that is what your getting back, in abundance!

I never once thought, when I changed my mind set, that I would be stuck in that horrible marriage forever. I knew there were bigger and better things in store for me, I believed it as if it already happened, I never gave up, year after year I held on to the dream. Until it came true, way better than I could have dreamed of..way, way better!

But here is the key…when I changed my mind set….you have to be willing to change, throw your old ideas out, change what you speak, get rid of negative people and committ to believing even while your going through the storm, never give up!

Say what you want, write it, speak it to the universe , to anyone who will listen, make a vision board, dream it, act like it is already yours and your living it at this moment. Don’t let others rain on your parade if they don’t believe in your dreams assure them, they won’t be coming with you when your train comes in.

I speak about my NY Times best-selling book, my international blog, my tour, telling people to never give up I have now added Oprah super soul Sunday and Tyler Perry making my movie! Hell ya I dream big, I believe in my soul all of this will come to pass, there is no doubt in my mind, none, zero,zip!!

So today my friends, call it anything you want, wrap it in whatever package makes you feel good, just know it’s up to you to change, to believe, to put it out there…it’s all yours, it’s just waiting on you…

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