Tips for the online dater

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Tips for the online dater


This week I will be doing a series about dating….

And and all of the good and bad that goes along with it! Hold on to your pants, this will be a trip!


Since being single I have tried online dating and let me tell you it is a trip!


Last week someone wanted to meet me, he wanted me to come to his place (Hello, are you nuts?) And when I said no, he didn’t want to put anymore effort into it than standing on his patio and waving to me? Because he was “famous” Wtf?


Then when I obviously didn’t show up he had the nerve to call me an idiot. Hello? I’m the idiot?


I had another guy on the first email tell me how beautiful I was and oh btw my junk is 13 inches…. again Wtf?

My reply… but your brain is pea sized because obviously you can’t read, I am not looking to hook up. Really???


but no matter what, to find your prince, you first must kiss a lot of frogs…so to speak and believe me I have.


In today’s world online dating is truly a scary thing to do after not dating for 24 years.


But I continue to do it as I am not going to find Mr Perfect for me knocking at my door. (Well my neighbor is cute and single…) okay generally not knocking on my door.


So I have some tips for all of the guys out there that are also new to this dating scene, very important tips from a women’s point of view.


1. Put up a picture

In my experience guys without pictures in this day and age are married period!


2. Put up more than one picture and a full body picture

Yes, you can look really good in one picture, the right angle, the right light but in others you look like a completely different person. Body shots, sorry everyone has a type I like in shape guys, you don’t have to be Mr. Universe but you have to be able to see your toes. I am active, I want a active guy.


3. I don’t need to see pictures of what you looked liked 30 years ago, yes, you were a football star in high school, your not anymore, we all looked better then, let it go.


4. I don’t want to see pictures of your animals, if you happen to┬áhave a great picture of yourself holding your dog, fine but ten pictures of your dog, not so much, I am not dating your dog.


5. I am not interested in what you have.

No need to put up pictures of your motorcycle, boat, big house or fancy car, not impressed been there done that, money definitely does not make a man. (And then you have the nerve to call us gold diggers!)


6. Don’t lie about what you like and don’t like.

We eventually will meet and talk and you can’t keep up lies and why would you want to? Be you..


7. Catfishing…what is with that? Why pretend to be someone your not, for what reason? Get a life and stop messing with others.


8. Don’t say you want a relationship when all through your profile your talking about clubbing and sex, be real if your just looking to hook up, say it!


9. Be specific in what you want, do you want kids, what’s your deal breakers, smoking ect.. skinny, chunky, tall, short, so we know what your looking for and not waste time.


10. Say something about yourself, likes, hobbies, what your looking for. Men with a blank profile to me are blank men, boring…I know it’s not easy talking about yourself, ask a friend to help you, while your at it ask them to take pictures of you too!


Maybe my men readers will give me some tips on how we women can make our profiles better. I am always open to change…


On a good note I did have a date last week…he looked like his pictures, he was a gentleman, he was funny and sweet and we’ll see where it will go….I will let you know…


So today my friends, it’s a new world out there, we must adapt to changing times and to do so we must change as well.


“Be the change you want to see”


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