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Tony Robbins documentary


I love Netflix, since they came on to the scene they have constantly put shows out there that are quirky, thought provoking, funny and drama filled. I like so many of you out there even decided to tell the cable companies to take a hike along with their upwards towards 200.00 a month fees!


So Netflix has been our source for watching TV and I am so glad that I chose them especially when I saw that they did a documentary with the great Tony Robbins that will be coming out soon.


Yes, if you read my blog you will know Tony Robbins is my hero, he is my inspiration, I inspire to be just like him.


So your thinking why because he’s rich and famous?

No, not that, that’s nice don’t get me wrong but its because he loves what he does, its his passion, his purpose, he loves to help others.


You can see it if you ever watch his videos, or if you see him in person, he has that passion for life and for helping others find their passion and purpose.


There’s no faking that, it’s either you got it or don’t. He’s had “it” for the last 30 years, he’s the top “Motivational speaker” of all times. Don’t let him hear me call him that he hates that title. He’s about changing lives, he’s about teaching you how to change your life.


He has a hell of a story, growing up overweight, with a father who left when he was a boy, to hitting rock bottom, no car, getting evicted from his apartment, no job, no money, out of shape and unhappy. It was then when he had hit the bottom, that he made a decision to change his life.


He started to run, he changed his lifestyle, he made a game plan to learn from the masters out there that came before him, he read, he took classes, he taught himself what they knew, to make them wealthy and successful.


Then he put his spin on it because he wanted to help others and so at 19 he was an informmerical king.

He went on to start his own companies, then to travel and speak all over the world. Hell, He owns a island in Fiji!


He started a foundation to feed the hungry in this country. He has become the guru to the stars, presidents, top athletes and so many famous people who had had public meltdowns. He gets a million dollars for a one day private session with him.

Yes, he has come along way from the bottom.


He has this way to ask you the hard questions about yourself, he gets you to dig deep and then tell a complete stranger. He gets you to look at your life in a different way, he doesn’t pull punches or speak sweetly, no that’s not him, he’s in your face, he loud, he’s large and in charge, he curses, he real and he’s passionate about what he does and it shows.


Yes, I have seen him 4 times in person, I read his books, bought his videos, he is who I want to be like,

I want to inspire others,

I am here day after day telling you its your choice, you can do anything you chose to do, I am like him, as I don’t pull punches or sugar coat anything. And I will continue to watch and learn from him because to become better you have to never stop learning.


Has it been hard? Will be hard? Yes, but nothing worth anything is easy! It will suck at times, you will want to give up, you will be asking, “When will I ever get there? Maybe this dream is too big, maybe this is crazy”


It’s okay, I’ve been there, I still go there every once in a while but I hold on to my faith, to my dreams and I believe with all of my heart and soul that one day I will be there, on a stage like him, I will be inspiring thousands, hundred of thousands of people.


I hope my words will touch someone, will give them hope, when they look at my life, when they see what I have overcame, that they will say “If she did it, I can do it”

To hold on for one more day, to help change their lives even if fear has gripped their lives for so long.

I want people who’ve been hurt to know they can forgive and let go, I want single moms, women in abused marriages or relationships to know life is so incredible on your terms. It’s your choice! You get to chose!


I want to inspire, I want to be that person and I want to do it with the style, class and compassion that Tony Robbins has.

So today my friends I invite you to watch this documentary coming out in July on Netflix about my hero, my soon to be one day mentor, Tony Robbins, let his story inspire your life.

Remember nothing is impossible if you believe!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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