Undying faith

When I finally woke up, didn’t recognize  or like the person I saw in the mirror,  I  decided to change my life .

I started by reading books, then I started mediation,  I did yoga, I wrote a gratitude journal, I read some more, I took classes, the library knew me by name, I made a vision board and put on it what I wanted my life to look like and how I wanted to feel.

I never not thought these things were going to happen not for a minute,  I would go to bed and walk through my new home, placing furniture and pictures, I would wake up still dreaming of it.

when I wanted a new career I put it on my board, I envisioned it, I could feel it, touch it as if it was real.

So last night at my writing class (yet another thing I’ve done knowing that I was going to write a book about my  story) as we were discussing my latest chapter someone said “well if you ever decide to publish it”  I turned around and said matter of factly. “You mean when I become published and am a New York Times bestseller?” 

He was taken aback by my comment,  like “yea your nuts”  I then added “the purpose of my life and the purpose of this book to to tell women the have worth, that they should never give away their power and how to believe anything is possible, no I know I will be a bestselling author, I will be a international blogger and a speaker on” the women of faith” and “you can do it “tour telling my message all over the world”

I have no doubt, I see it , its on my vision board , I practice my speeches in my head before going to bed, how it will feel to hear the words your book is published and then your on the NY times list and guess what your number one!

Crazy undying faith ? Absolutely! How do you think I survived the last 17 years? I believed it would change.

How do you think Nelson Mandella survived all those years in prison, be believed he would get free, he saw change and never gave up hope and faith! 

That’s what you have to do and yes you too can change your life.My home is just how I envisioned it, my career is beyond what I thought and this will be past my wildest dreams.

So what are you dreaming about that you think can’t happen? You words can change everything!speak it! Have undying faith and it shall be….

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