Updated on my book the Blessing in Disguise

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Update on my book “The Blessing in Disguise ”


I wanted to thank everyone that has supported me on this crazy adventure of writing this book. It took a year of my life, many long nights and lots of tears to finally finish it but somehow I did it.


I am blessed to have so many of you following me everyday, reading my blogs and I ever take it for granted.


I am grateful for all of your comments and your continued support on my blog and this venture is no different.


So many of you have purchased my book and left me messages on how it has touched you.


How you cried when you read it and how you couldn’t imagine how I had gotten through all the tragedy and turned it into triumphs in my life.


I wrote it in hopes that it would touch the reader, that you would feel what I was feeling and know that no matter how bleak it looks, no matter how how low you fall or how many times, that if you hold on, if you keep believing, it will be okay, no better than okay…incredible!


I am living proof of it…. against all odds…of choosing to not be a victim but a survivor and I am here to let you know you too can do this.

This is all about choice, I tell you that all the time, it’s your choice…you get to choose….imagine that?


So I choose to be happy and grateful for all I have, I choose to learn lessons from all the tragedies,  I choose to rise above and be a blessing to others in spite of what has been done to me…and you my friends can choose that too.


Again I want to reach out to all of you and tell you thank you….it is for you all, my faithful readers and my incredible family and friends that I do this every day.

With all my love…


Be the change you want to see”


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