Voice activation
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Treadmill Treats Monday message


Voice activation


You need to know your voice can activate things…amazing things…

The first time voice activation happened was when

God spoke light into darkness…”Let there be light ” and there was…


There are other times in the bible that tells you how powerful your words are…


“My word shall not return empty..but it shall accomplish that which I have purpose ”


“Death and life are in the power of your tongue ”


“When you don’t have doubt in your heart but believes what he says, it will come to pass…”


Think back to how many words are still haunting you today? That still have power over your life…

“Your never be anything ”


“Without me…your be nothing ”


“What? You can’t possibly do that! Are you crazy? That ┬ádream will never happen ”


How many of these words are holding you back? You believe them and you can’t break free…even if they were spoken to you 30 years ago, they are just as powerful today as when they were first spoken.


But yet you don’t realize that power of your words are amazing, whether you believe it or not…your words are powerful.


Speak what you want to see happen …speak it in the universe. ..speak it as if it has already come to pass.

It will happen, tell yourself you can do  this, you are beautiful, smart, independent. Speak that dream you have inside of you, cancel out all the other words you keep replaying in your head, replace them with positive words.


If reading the bible is not for you read the book The Secret, it is just an updated version of the bible, resp what you sow, karma, what you put out will come back, speak it into existence…all of these came from the bible, it worked then, it works now….


So today my friends remember words can cut you down if you let them, they can also change your life if you believe, the power is all yours….


“Be the change you want to see”


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