Wait… its coming

Sometimes we want things now! Fast food is not even fast enough for us anymore,  we moan about being in line more than two minutes. We have things to do , places to go, we need it now! When we are going through tough times we pray and we want it to change like yesterday.  We believe god can do miracles so lets go here, where is mine? What?what do you mean I have to wait? Look at “miss fill in the blank” she doesn’t go to church, she does  ….fill in the blank, why is she getting blessings? Why must I suffer and go through such horrible times its not fair I want it now!Through my hard times I have learned patience,  I have learned that I need to go through all I did for a testimony,  to tell others to hold on , it is coming just not on your time! Even still I think,okay when is it coming?I want my business to prosper not just for me so I can hire more women who need a job and to be around others who have testimonies and can give encouragement.  I want to be a blessing to others, so why is it coming fast enough?I am human I make mistakes, I have doubts sometimes,  I question God when I should just have blind faith that is why I write and put it all out there to let you know you don’t have to be perfect,  its okay , you will still get blessings just not on your time in his.

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