We are so busy we forget what’s most important

Treadmill Treats Monday Message


We are so busy we forget the most important things.


In today’s fast pace world, we are always on the go, we multi task, we have a million things on our minds.

We see what the media puts out there that we “must have” Reailty  celebrities have become our idols, we need the biggest houses, designer purses, the most expensive watches, we are all running around trying to keep up with the jones.


We are trying to get so much stuff…things we think we need…

Yet we don’t see the important things like giving God thanks each and every day and not just on Thanksgiving. A holiday that man tells us to give thanks on. What is wrong with today’s society that we need specific holidays to get us to do things, we should be doing all year long?


Bishop spoke of a story yesterday where a husband and wife who were married for 50 years went to a event, they were asked to write a list of all the things they thought they did for the other person that was important.

The husband wrote and wrote and the wife sat there, at the end of the exercise they were asked to exchange papers. When the husband looked at his wife’s paper it was blank, he said “Why is your paper blank?  Look at all I’ve done for you…I bought you houses, look at the beautiful car you drive, I gave you children, I give you all you ask for…jewelry, clothes, designer purses and shoes…how can your list be empty?”


She replied quietly “I didn’t have you, yes, you gave me all of these things but I didn’t have you”


See what he thought was important to her, the stuff, the things he provided wasn’t important at all.

All she wanted was his time, to be with her and the children, that meant the most to her.


We all make lists, in our minds of all we do. We go to church so many days a month, we say we’re Christians, we tell everyone.

We volunteer, we’re clergy people, we think we are doing all the right things…look, look at our lists, we tell God. We think we are good but what’s on God’s list?


Is God’s list for you blank? What does he deem important? How many cars we have? How big of a house we have? How many designer shoes and purses we have? No his list is completely different from ours. He wants your heart and your soul, he wants your undivided attention, he wants to be number one in your life, he wants your undying faith in him.


That is what is important to him…not what we think is important.


Don’t just give lip service about being a Christian, yes you come to church but you have a cold, hard heart. Your a “Christian” but you won’t help another in need. You don’t get involved in the house of God, giving of your time when needed but you have time to go to the football games…what is most important?

What does your list say and what does God’s list say?


So today my friends, remember what you think is important, may not be what is important to God.

Stop your crazy lives, getting, acquiring, it’s all about me world and remember what is truly important because at the end, when you go to meet your maker will your lists be the same?


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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