We were all born colorblind

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We were all born colorblind


I was so sadden by the news of that man that came into a bible study class and killed all of thoese people last week.

I couldn’t imagine the hatred that man had in his heart that he would do something like that, for what reason? The color of their skin? So you think your life is worth more than another’s because of the color of your skin?


I pray for the the families left behind, shattered and broken, asking why? I pray for this man who did this, because he is sick and is filled with haterd.


I pray for him because we were all born colorblind, we teach hate, we teach racism. Our hearts are filled with love and compassion when we are born, we teach our children to either embrace that spirit or we teach them that we are better than another human being because of the color of their skin, their beliefs, their accents and even their social standing, this hatred is taught. He was taught this and I truly feel sorry for him because people should never be this closed minded.


I grew up with a mom who was raised in Harlem, we had black friends, Indian friends, Jewish friends, Muslim friends, Native American friends, our house was like the United nations and I carried on my mom’s compassionate heart, my own house is like that now.

I remember when Tryon Martin was killed, people actually asked me if I was afraid to go to my church

(My church happens to be predominantly black )

I couldn’t believe the question, why should I?


The people in my church have the biggest, kindest hearts of anyone I know, they took me in when I was lost, broken, hurt, when I had hit rock bottom, they showed me love, compassion and the real meaning of giving even when I nothing to give back.


I can’t imagine going to bible study like I do every week, a place of worship, a place of refuge and now being afraid of going because you don’t know who is going to try to kill you because they filled with hatred just because of the color of your skin, because of your beliefs.


But God did not give us the spirit of fear, he gave us strength, strength to believe in him.

I will not be afraid, I will keep going, I will keep telling others what saved my life and I will live my life by example, to my girls, to the world. I want to teach love and compassion, and I want them to know that love knows no color….


“Be the change you want to see”


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