What about the code?

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What about the code?

We were talking about the “code” this weekend, for those of you who don’t know what that is let me explain.

The code can go both ways, the girl code or the guy code, which means if your friend likes, liked, or dated someone, they are off limits to you!
It is really a friendship thing, you will not overstep your boundaries with your friends.

I for one would never do that as I love and honor my friendships too much to ever disrespect a friend like that but believe me it has been done to me from “so called friends” and not just to me but even in front of me.

I had this “friend” that knew I had something with a guy that I had liked forever, I was in love with him and it didn’t work out the way I had wanted it to. She processed to flirt with him every time we were all together and I’m not talking about some coy flirting, I am talking about let me sit on your lap, goo goo eyes, run my fingers through his hair flirting right in front of me, one time even on my birthday! 

Even though she knew how I felt about him and still feel about him, because I would share my feelings with her and all the while she was telling me how wrong he was for me! I am sorry that is not a friend, I could never hurt someone like that.

My guy friend thinks it’s okay to be able to do that, he didn’t even know about the “code” I actually Google it for him, still he thought it was alright to date his ex’s friends. Not alright, never will be alright, not only are you breaking up a “friendship”, you are setting yourself up for disaster because in the end it will come back to bite you in the ass!

How can anyone trust you? What kind of “friend” are you? Is it all about what you want and yet you have no consideration for another’s feelings?

I always say I am a friend to the end, I will do anything for my friends and I always try to put myself in someone’s shoes. How would that feel if someone did it to me? It would hurt like hell, even if it didn’t work out, even if you’ve been broken up for years, even if you say it’s over….it still would hurt and I personally, am not into hurting another human being like that. No man or woman is worth taking down a friendship

So today my friends, think about the “code” Would you break it? How would you feel if your friend broke it? Would they still be a friend to you afterwards?
This is a question for all of us to ask ourselves, who are you as a person and how important is others feelings to you?
The answer will say a lot about the kind of person you are.

“Be the change you want to see”

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