What is a father?

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What is a father?


Any man can be a father, not every man can be a dad though.

I know what a good man is because I have been lucky enough to have not one father but two great father’s in my life.

I had my real dad who was an incredible dad and I had a step dad who was an equally incredible dad.


I was at church yesterday and it was a hard day because it was Father’s day and not only was I missing both my dad’s but my step dad had died on Father’s day as well.


We had a comedian there, (Yes, our Bishop is a trip, he definitely thinks outside the box) the comedian  said something that stuck with me, he said when kids say “you ain’t my real dad”


He went on to say “oh really I really live in this house, I really pay the bills here, I’m really here for you and your mom…so I am your “real dad”

your biological dad “stepped out on you and your mom”  so he should be your step dad but I am here, I am your real dad.


Yes, it doesn’t matter if they are your “biological” dad or not, they are the ones who were there for you, kissed your boo boos, helped you with homework, was there when you needed to talk, supported you and believed in you, that makes a dad, it’s not just about  blood.


I was so blessed to have 3  incredible men in my life growing up, the third was a long time family friend we called “Big daddy”

These 3 men taught me what real men were suppose to be like, they were hard working, kind and compassionate, they always had time to teach me things, to listen, to admit their mistakes, to  show their love to me always, yes, these men we’re the most incredible role models I could have ever have and I am so grateful to have had them in my life.


I truly miss them and all they brought to my life… but I am also blessed to have some other incredible men in my life now, long time friedns, who will be role models to my girls and hopefully touch their lives as they have touched mine.


So today my friends, it doesn’t matter if you have a “real”  father around, stop and give thanks to the “real” men that are in your life, they are the ones that are stepping up, making a difference, showing everyone what a real man is, blood or not it is their day too!


“Be the change you want to see”


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