What is going on in this world ?

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What is going on in this world?


I sometimes think that there have been so many changes in the world in the last century that have been wonderful and yet somehow we take 3 steps forward and 5 steps back..


We have no more segregation, women are free to vote and have the so over their bodies, we had a black president and maybe even a women one next, things our grandparents never would have believed years ago could ever happen.


Yet as far as we’ve come we still have hate, we still have fear for differences, we are still stuck in another time.


These last few years with all the killings just drives the point home even more. Killing others because of their lifestyle, because of their religion, because you don’t believe what I believe and now more and more because of what color you are.


We are walking a fine line here, black men are afraid for their lives once again, police officers are afraid for their lives as well. It is scary for everyone involved and it is tearing this country apart once again.


My grandma use to say “There is two sides to the story and then the truth” And that has never been more true than today. We have the police officers doing their jobs, it is a hard and scary job as I well know because I have a lot of officers as family and friends. You are doing your job and each and every day, you don’t know if it will be your last, how many of us have that kind of pressure at work, that you go to work and don’t know if you’ll ever see your loved ones again, your children grow up, that a routine stop could end your life.

There is all kinds of new drugs that make people crazy and have super human strength. There are gangs ready to shoot in a second, more domestic violence, more bi polar and mentally ill people. More people who just have no respect for the law and don’t care if they go to jail again.

I can’t imagine doing that job or loving someone who does it, it’s a thankless job, that shows you the dark side of the world every day.

Are the police officers afraid hello, you wouldn’t be human if you weren’t, so are they quick to pull their weapons, absolutely, do some cops think they are above the law? Oh hell yeah, and they use that power.


Being black in this country is getting harder and harder not easier like it should be. I have many black friends who are afraid to get stopped by police, who have been stopped for racial profiling that are law obeying citizens, that are hard workers, have families, never been in trouble, go to church yet been treated like a convict just because of the color of their skin.


When the same officer would treat me with respect, they give none to them because of their race.



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