What is your purpose?

From now on Monday mornings will be Monday message, these blogs will be something that I have learned from my Bishop Henry Fernandez sermons on Sundays.

Every week he gives us such a powerful word and I will try as I may to pass on his words of wisdom.



What is your purpose?


Finding your purpose will change the course of your life, it will ignite the fire in you to live out your God giving purpose.


When you are living out your purpose is fun when your doing that, it is then when you will realize this is your purpose. 


You passion drives your purpose!


The worst thing is to try to find your purpose in things,you think that if they have a certain career, or a certain title, then they will have it.


I have a friend of mine who went to law school, past the bar and became a lawyer to realize she hated it, she went back to school and became a teacher, that was her passion, her calling, she has never looked looked back. Yes she makes alot leas money, yes some say its a less prestigious job, but it is what she is called to do, it fills her soul.


Some of us think the title and money is what its all about but is it worth it, worth selling your soul to go to a place every day you call “Hell” A place you hate ? Is that Prada purse worth it?


Some people try to find in others, in relationships, you are hoping that another person will fulfill you or that that they will point you to your gift, that their opinions change your path, because they don’t think you can do it.

You are never going to find it there. 


My ex always told I couldn’t do anything, that “he was the bread winner” in the family, I was useless, I only wrote because I was dying inside and for years I couldn’t tell anyone about what I was going through, so I wrote, my gift saved my life for without it I surly would have lost my mind.


Never leave it up to people to tell you who you are!


 You need to know your own worth, your own purpose!

We need to find out what our purpose is and to live out a life that should be filled with joy. 


So you ask what do people get from their hard work?

They get passion, they get to go to job that doesn’t feel like one, they get to do something that fills them with joy, that is what you get for finding your purpose and working hard at it.


Even though you cant see the scope of God’s work from beginning to end, it is there. 


There is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can.



People should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor for these are the gifts from God.


If you are not sure of your purpose,  look at the things your running away from, that is usually the thing that is your purpose. 


 And sometimes the disasters in our life make us come back to our purpose, make us rethink the what are we here for question.


So think about what you love to do, that fills you with joy, that you would do if money wasn’t an issue, if time flies while your doing it, that my friend is your God given purpose. 


Take a leap of faith and go after it, you will never regret it.







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