What’s up with people?

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What is with people today?


This week I wrote a lot about dating and how men are dogs and women can be bitches.


It amazes me what people do and say in today’s world.

I get it if your young, we all do stupid crap when we are young. We don’t know any better but come on people, this is about those people who are entering into the second half of our lives, we should know better.


Why lie? Here is a big one. If your dating and your on the dating sites why lie, why play games? Do you want to meet or not? Is that your picture from today or 20 years ago?

Why catfish someone? What are you getting out of it? Get a frigging life!


If your in a relationship why lie? Why string someone along? Why intentionally hurt someone?

Like my friend, her boyfriend wanted her to move 1400 miles away, give up her career, even her pension to be with him and here he was screwing around with someone else all the while!


Hello!! We are grown ass adults, act like one, you just don’t do it that!


Why hang out with people who you don’t like?

A friend of mine once jumped all over me for not inviting her to a get together I had, she did this in front of 20 of our friends. Who are you? That you think I have to invite you to anything? I was done, I realized she was not a true friend and I was done with her, just like that…I don’t need phony, back stabbing friends, I am not 13 anymore and afraid of hurting someone’s feelings.


So now she invites me to like her page or puts me in a group…hello I am done, what part of that don’t you understand. I am grown and I don’t play games…move on…next…


Life is way to short…. Screw me over, were done… Talk crap….were done….

Be negative….were done

Give me crap in a relationship… were done

I have no time for drama, fakeness, or half ass friends sorry…I have a life to live.


And as far as I am concerned it will be your loss not mine… wow that’s harsh you might think, yup it is but I now know my worth. Yes… finally I know my worth and I refuse to bargain myself for you or anyone else.

And if you don’t like that one…yeah…you got it…were done…


I am at a point of my life where I am making myself happy, I am done trying to make others happy when they will never be happy with themselves. I am done worrying about what others think of me, do you pay my bills? Didn’t think so.

I am done with people who bring nothing to the table just come expecting things.


I am finally at a place of peace, of love, of contentment. I love myself again, I am honest, I am my true self. I don’t know how much time I have left here but however much it is I am going to enjoy this ride and I will not be playing games.


So today my friends remember life is too short, grow up, be real, stop lying, stop playing games. Say what you mean and mean what you say!

Be honest with yourself, be your true self, don’t be one of those people we say… what is wrong with people today.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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