When all your hard work pays off

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When all your hard work pays off

If you follow my blog you know I bought a home on Christmas  eve, this was a huge step for me as newly single women.
This was all on me and it was a daunting task as this house had to be gutted inside and out.
I had no one to depend on, no one to  bounce ideas off and no one to help me with all I needed to be done, this was some scary crap to take on by myself.

But I am blessed with many wonderful friends who quickly came to my rescue and helped me with everything.

I have been working non stop since the day after Christmas, hiring people, picking out all the things this home needed and boy did it need a lot. The only thing I got to salvage was 2 ceiling fans, a garbage disposal and 1 tub and toilet that’s it! Everything else had to go and be replaced.
The back yard looked like a barren waste land, everywhere you looked something needed to be fixed.

It was extremely exhausting mentally and physically as I was trying to save money by doing a lot of the work myself and some days I felt like I was going to drop from the pressure but in the end, I endured.
Looking around last night at my finished product I felt proud of all I have accomplished on my own and all of my blood, sweat and tears I put into this home.

Again I cried because I am so grateful for this blessing I have been given, this is the best time in my life, this is my harvest I have been waiting for, praying for, dreaming of and it’s here and I couldn’t be happier.
This is a new chapter in my life and I am so excited about it as I couldn’t even imagine it could be this good.

So today my friends, never stop dreaming, never stop believing, put in your seeds, your hard work and your faith because sooner or later it will all pay off. One day soon you will be able to sit back and look at all your hard work and be proud of all you have done and how far you have come and realize just how truly blessed you are, that is then when you will know you that your hard work paid off.


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