When I am in New York all bets are off

The one thing I am is honest and I will always tell you how it is, I will never sugar coat it, I am not Willy Wonker!

I am human, I want you to know how hard it is sometimes but how the effort is so worth it.


So when I became a beachbody coach and I started the 21 day fix I told you how when I first got the containers I thought I was going to stare to death. 


Surprisingly I didn’t feel hungry and the containers were that small when you put them on a plate. 


I told you about the 30 minute a day of exercise and how after the first week my whole body hurt.


But if you read my blog, you know I am only human and I fall, well my hometown is my down fall every time.


For the whole 17 days I was good, even when my friends came in from New York and they ate fried foods , I ordered fish and salad, okay I did have some beers (did you just miss the I’m not perfect part?)


For the most part I was on track, but last weekends trip to New York was the end of me, sorry all bets are off when I go home!


I am and will always be a New Yorker, I love the city, the fast pace, the oddball people but I especially love the food and I so miss it living here in Florida. 


So your asking if you love it so much why are you living in Florida then?

The cold and snow, New York gets global warming and I will be the first one packing my car to go back but until then I make due with my twice yearly visits. 


So since I only get there twice a year I try to eat all that I miss from home, yes I ate and not from those tiny containers, no I ate New York style big!


I ate dirty water dogs and knishes from a sidewalk vendor, I ate a pastrami sandwich on rye with matoz ball soup in Katzs deli, I ate Chinese  food in China town, I ate pizza at Rays, I ate an incredible Italian sub on homemade Italian bread and roasted red peppers at Alveros, I ate conlollis at Ferreras and for Mothers day I have White castle, yes I ate! 


On my defense I also walked about 600 blocks, no lie I have a daughter who loves to shop! Did I feel guilty or beat my self up, oh Hell no, you only live once, this might have been my last trip to New York, I could have got hit by a bus, you are not guaranteed another day, I live my life like its my last day, enjoying every minute of it#


No I enjoyed the food, my daughter and my family and then when I came back I jumped right back to eating right and right back on this treadmill!


We all screw up, we all fall down but its how you get up that counts, its how you don’t quit even when you get kicked to the curb, its not how you start but how you finish!


So stop beating yourself up , there’s always tomorrow to set things right, enjoy life, you only get one go around. 





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