When its time to tell your testimony

I have found my way to church about three years ago ,I was at my lowest point in my life and could not even make it through another day so I fell to my knees and asked for help,and when you ask God answers. The following day I went to work playing a gospel song I love and my co.worker said he was going to be performing at her church that week, did I want to go with her. I went and when Bishop spoke it was if God spoke through him right to me and I started crying, that wasn’t I day I turned my life over to him. (Now see how this works,I asked God opened a.door for me )

I don’t preach ,I am not a bible thumper, my religion is for me whether you have or believe is on you, I will talk about my faith when asked and I do make reference to God .and believing in my blog but I am not.one to be out there saying you need to go to church or your going to die if you don’t believe. You do you ,I’m doing me! But last night my daughter came into my room and woke me up out of a dead sleep, her best friend (my third daughter) was upset, she has been going through a bad time and was praying when all the lights went out in the house, she freaked out and thought that because she was praying god was mad because she has not been perfect.

The message at church last night was to share your testimony with others (see, how this works?) Well this was a perfect example of when to share your testimony. I told her about when I.couldn’t find a job and decided to start this business, how I asked for a sign ,that he gave me one and yet I asked for another one ,he gave me another one then I still didn’t listen and took a job I.knew in my heart wasnt what he wanted for me and after one whole day was.let go, I cried how was I going to start a new.business? How was I going to pay my bills? But I decided to believe he would take care of everything, the next day the phone started ringing and hasn’t stopped since!

When I didn’t get alimony and I was upset and asking why god ,yes he.closed that door but opened another by giving me a big contract with moving company and the contract for.someone to buy my business!

That all is possible if you believe! I want undying faith like my Bishop! I believe the next half of my life is going to be the best half of my life! I believe.with god nothing is impossible, let go and let god!

This is.my purpose,to be able to inspire others to never give up no matter how hard it gets ,that just makes your faith stronger!

At the end of.the conversation she asked if she could come.to church with me and you know what so did my daughter. I have been.praying for so long that she would find her way and yet again not on my time but on his he has answered yet another one of my prayers!

So I will keep telling everyone my testimony,I will keep trying to inspire other and I will try to be a blessing to others.


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