When things go wrong…they go wrong!

As I was writing this blog about how things went totally wrong on Friday the 13 and how I lost it , I was just about to post it when poof! it was gone, lost in cyberspace! Really?? Ok so I write this to inspire you but I am human and yes stuff gets to me I am far from perfect,  I am walking this walk along side of you all. I just write about it so that you really  that you are not alone, we all have the same problems, I write the good, the bad and the really ugly to know yes its all of that for all of us but it is how we deal with it that is different.

when I woke up on Friday 13, my phone app and contract app ran off in the middle of the night, I called tech support in India at 5 am to have him hang up on me three times because he spoke little english and thought suck was a bad word!

then after missing the gym and taking 2 hours to reprogram the phone, now late go to new house lockbox won’t work, called for insurance after the whole press 1 , press 2 ten minute routine and telling my story about needing to speak with someone now, he puts me through to a voice mail yugg! Start all over, now your all laughing because you can relate yes it kept getting worst but I went to my car took a few deep breaths ok maybe more than a few! Then I thought about all that was good in my life that there is something big coming, that I have to have faith and not let anyone or anything steal my joy!

So I tell you this so that if these days happen to you and trust me they will, you can stop yelling and cursing (oh, did I leave that part out? Yes there was that too!) Step back, take a deep breath and realize all that’s good and all that’s coming, it will be alright!


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