When you refuse to look at your life, you might as well be blind..

When you refuse to see what’s in front of you, you might as well be blind.


There are so many people out there today they refuse to see what’s going on in their life. They choose to close their eyes and pretend it’s not happening.


Pull the covers over your head and maybe it will go away,its called being a grown up for a reason, you have to grow up, you cant pretend it doesn’t exist.


We know that only works when you’re 5 years old,you have to grow up and face reality whatever it is, its your reality to face.


I can’t hide from my reality because I put it out there each and everyday for everyone else in the world to see.


 There is no hiding from the truth in my life, I choose you write about, you can’t be afraid if its out there, there are no secrets if you tell them first, but yet so many people chose to still be blind.


There’s the friend who kids are out of control but they are still saying”not my kid, they would never do that”

 I am first to say probably was my kid, sounds like something I would do when I was that age!


The women you know who’s addictive to pills, who’s life is out of control, who doesn’t remember what happened yesterday or the week before because she is too stoned to be part of reality, yet when friends try to help, she refuses to see she has a problem.


The friend that cant get through the day without a drink, she hides it and sneaks it, hoping no one will know. I put it out there, I had a drinking and drug problem yes I did! I am not afraid someone will find out, its out!


The women who believed a lying, cheating man, who opened up and was taken advantage of but cant tell anyone because she feels stupid, what will everyone think? 

Guess what it happen to me and I chose to tell my story to help others, learn a lesson and move on. 


Or the mother who refuses to see the damage her child is causing in so many people’s lives, yet still justifies his behavior even though his behavior is the same now as a “grown” man as it was when he was 17. She chooses to be blind even when presented with the facts over and over.


It doesn’t matter what you are trying to hide, to put in the back of that closet, it will be coming to get you eventually, your secrets will be out and then what? Will the world stop? Is it the end of man kind? No, it will sting, just like pulling a band aid off, it will sting for a minute then its over.


Then you no longer will have to hid, you will no longer look over your shoulder, no longer worry, its out there its over.


Now, here’s the big thing, what lessons did you learn? Whenever something happens in my life that is the first question I ask, then how can I change and how can I help others?


Yes, we all have things we would rather not look at and yes its scary but hiding will never make it go away or make it better, open your eyes, own your truth, its amazing how beautiful the world looks when you do!





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