Which table are your eating from?

Treadmill Treats Monday Message


Which table are you eating from?


In life its all the about the choices you make, you make, see it’s all up to you.


There are two tables in this life set before you, one is life and prosperity

And the other is death and destruction.


Will you choose what is already given to you? What God has for you? Or will you chose to sit at a table with leftovers?


People today have it all wrong, they think that its all about the money, the fame, the stuff they can buy and show off but the blessed life is someone living under the favor of God.

It doesn’t mean your rich, it means your rich with all you have, whatever that may be, your grateful, your stressed free, your fill of joy and peace, you are truly in God’s favor, that makes you rich.


Being in God’s favor doesn’t mean you will never have struggles, no you will but you will know that no matter what you go through, you will get through it because you have God’s favor.


“God is able to bless you in all things…

So that in all things, at all times so that you will unbound in good works”


We are all going somewhere and God will place us in environments that we need to go but yet we sometimes pick the wrong table, we choose to sit at the table with the leftovers.


Ask yourself what do you allow people to speak into your life? Who do you hang out with? Where are they going? What life are they living?

Are you feeding your life with trash? Lies, drama, people dumping on you…

What are you letting in your life? Left overs, garbage?


It’s all up to you, you get to choose!

Sit at the right table!

You dont have to take left overs ot let people dump their trash on you, upgrade yourself and say I am a first class citizen.


Quit worry about how your going to pay your bills, quit worrying about when its going to happen, don’t worry that your dream is too big, quit stressing over things you cant change.


Its all up to you, you get to choose!

Sit at the right table!


Are you sitting in an evorment that is filled with blessings or one that has leftovers?

God never never promised you leftovers, he promised you blessings.

If you want to keep sitting at the table with leftovers going over the mess you made of your life or do you want to sit at the table with the king, filled with blessings he has for you?

Which one?


What is that environment  feeding you? Why are you there? Your never going to experience God if your with people who question him or are negative.

They think by the worlds ways, that more money you have, the happier you are, the more famous you are the more your “worth” is.


When God said I got another plan for you, I will supply your every need, he is not one to lie.

Watch God multiple and increase in your life.

Sitting at the right place, being in the right environmen and letting God work things out… “The lord is my Shepard I lack nothing….

Ye though I walk through the valley of death I  will fear no evil”

God gives you a peace that lets know you are okay, that its going to be okay as long as you believe he has your heart in his hands.


Even though the haters may want to keep you at the table with leftovers, God has more for you. You have to choose which table you are sitting at.


So today my friends, remember its all about choices in today’s life, you get to chose what you believe, you get to chose to change your life, you get to chose which table you want to sit at….choose wisely.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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