Who are you looking up to ?

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


Who are you looking up to?


I can’t understand today’s society, who we worship, who we put up on pedestals, who we call roll models because they are simply famous for being famous and nothing else.


Years ago role models actually did something to earn that title, today you just need a sex video and wow, your famous and a role model!


Are you frigging joking? Is this what today’s society is measuring a persons worth? By how big their gold chains are? By how many famous people you slept with? By being a complete moron on a reality show? We are definitely in trouble here.


We worry how big Kim Kardashians ass is…hell my spell check even knew how to spell her name because I sure the hell didn’t, really?


We are glued to the television watching which useless housewife of we don’t give a shit where, scream, curse and pull each others weaves off.


Kanye West (and even his dumb ass came up on my spell check too, wtf?)

Thinks and actually says he is Jesus, God, above everyone else and we still don’t say anything but keep buying his albums and making him richer and his head bigger.

People are so stupid today they even made a Fund me account to give him money…have you lost your minds?


When was the last time either one of them feed the homeless, build houses for hurricane victims like Brad Pitt, had a real cause that actually meant something to another human being?


No, they only care about themselves and their “fame”

We are here for a reason, we are here for olny a short time, so tell me what do you want your legacy to be?


Do you want to build schools in Africa to help girls rise above poverty like Oprah? Or have a coffee table book of selfies of your big ass?


Do you want to promote peace and love or make videos showing women as bitches, worthless and demeaned.


Do you want to feed the homeless and hungry children or walk around with your toddler in a outfit  that could feed a family of five for a month?


Don’t get me wrong if you work hard you deserve nice things but when your whole world becomes about getting stuff, about me, me me and you believe the world revolves around you, you are sadly mistaken.


I get people get caught up in that, I grew up poor, really poor, I dreamed about the big house that was actually done inside, without tools, 2x4s and nails all over. I wanted the fancy cars not the 20 year old cluckers we always had, I wanted the fancy vacations, we went on time share presentations for the food and free gifts.

I wanted nice clothes, designer bags, as I watched my mom with the same brown dress and broken pocketbook for years on end.


Yes, I wanted that life and I got it at a very high cost…my soul, I sold my soul to get these “things” and you know what?

I wasn’t happy, I was misrable, I cried myself to sleep every night, all of this stuff that I dreamed of for so long meant nothing.


It wasn’t until I started volunteering my time, until I realized it wasn’t about me, it was about being a blessing to others, that it’s about giving back and how you treat others that is the most important thing.


This is why we are here, having money and fame is great if your using it to help others, if your a voice to a cause, if you want to make this world a better place but if not, your missing the bigger picture and I for one feel sorry for you.


So today my friends remember what we are truly here for, to love one another, to be a blessing to others and to leave a legacy of goodness and kindness, to make this world a little better than it was before we arrived.

Only then should someone look up to you.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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