Why I do what I do…

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Why I do what I do…


I write this blog every day, 5 days a week for the last 4 years seriously. That’s almost 1000 blogs! You have to love what you do to do that!


I wrote 2 years before that but not seriously, I putter around with it, it was short and I couldn’t say what I really wanted to because I was married and didn’t have that freedom. I also couldn’t preach about something I wasn’t out of, so I waited until I was truly free to express myself.


As long as I can remember I wrote… poems, letters, songs and especially in my diary. It was an outlet for me, to express my feelings I couldn’t speak, instead I wrote.


When I was finally free I wrote about my fears of leaving my “big” life, my fears of being a single mom, I wrote about all of my fears as I promised myself I would never stay silent again. I would never lie about anything in my life again.


I write about my failures, my lousy picker with men (Now there’s alot to write about!) my issues with my kids, the world, my feelings…I write about life…that’s why so many people can relate, I am brutally honest and raw, I am not sugar coating anything.


Talk all you want about me…but I know this is my purpose and there are people out there that are getting something out of my writing. Someone, somewhere that is reading this and saying if she overcame this or if she hit the bottom and came back, I can do it too.


I do this to inspire others to never give up, I do this because it is me, a part of my soul, I do this because it is my purpose.


I jump out of bed some mornings and run to the gym because I need to write, it’s this feeling that you must do this…

If your not passionate about something you can’t understand it.


They say you know what your passion is if you would do it even without getting paid…Hello! That’s definitely me!


I do it because when I hit rock bottom I wished I could have found someone else who was going through what I was. I wished I had a role model to be honest and tell me about the road ahead.


I was scared and needed that reinsurance that I would be okay, not to blow smoke up my ass but to be truthful and tell me even with hardships, even when your big lifestyle changes, even when things come against you, the peace and joy you will find because you are truly your own person, that you now know your self worth, is amazing and worth all the sacrifices to get there.


So today my friends, yes, I will keep putting it out there…all of my failures, my successes.

I will write about my fears, my peace and joy, my good times and the times I will cry and ask God why, because this is real life, this is everyone’s life…

I am just not afraid to put it out there for the world to see…

Here I am… human…I make mistakes, I own them…I love, I laugh, I cry…I am real…


Get real people…it is only then you will find your true self, it is only then you can make the changes to live a life worth living… I do this because I must…I must give and I must grow…

This is my purpose, what is yours?


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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