Why is that you can not live without a man?

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Why is it that you think you can not live without a man?

Every morning I talk to my best friend on the way to work, we talk about everything and yesterday the topic of discussion was women who can’t seem to live without men.

Some women will even settle for a crappie man than no man, really? ? Why? Are you that afraid to be alone? I now listen to that voice inside of me when it comes to men, really listen and believe me it took a long time ( I am hard headed,read my other blogs and you will see) but all of those lessons taught me to listen.

Recently I dated a guy,he seemed nice enough but something wasn’t right in my gut, I couldn’t explain it but I couldn’t get rid of the feeling so instead I got rid of him! No more poo pooing it away, trying to make excuses, nope I know the feeling and he was gone, poof just like that! Why? Because I don’t need a man, I am not desperate, I like myself and my own company, I have a fulfilling life now, don’t get me wrong, yes I would like to find someone to share my life with, but I am not desperate to have to grab onto the first one or a crappie one.

I want a man, I don’t need a man big difference, perfect example you have a big event and your looking for a dress,  you have a dress at home but you would  like a new one. You know what you want, you know your budget and you know what type of look you want to project, you try on a lot of dresses but time is coming to a end, so you buy a dress that you don’t really love, not really sure about and pay too much for, just because you think time is running out.
Now your all laughing because we’ve all done this.. you could have wore that great dress you had at home but in stead you settled for something you weren’t sure about.
Ha! Same thing with men, you are that great dress at home but you “need” to be with someone, anyone so you settle.

So today my friends, don’t settle, listen to that voice, be your own person it’s okay to be single, you get to know yourself, you get to figure out what you like and enjoy, you get to try new things and meet new people, it’s not a crime to be alone, don’t settle for less than you deserve, listen to the voice and know your worth waiting for.


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